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We get you the information you need for developing strategies, improving processes, and seeking opportunities.

We get you the information you need for developing strategies, improving processes, and seeking opportunities.

We have an in-depth understanding of the sectors crucial to enabling economic growth. We know the challenges and opportunities facing

  • Financial services providers
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Media firms
  • Digital ecosystem players
  • Technology providers
  • Firms with cross-industry value propositions

We use our expertise to develop research programs that ask and answer the right questions. To help you reach your strategic and business goals, we provide:

Market research

Context is central to corporate strategy and tactics. You need it to know where to invest in channel development, when to expand (or cut) sales teams, who your competitors are, and how demand is changing.

We tell you how it is. We determine the size of the current and future market for your products and services. We tell you which products and services are likely to be in demand in coming years. We determine in which parts of your market growth will be largest. And we deliver a causal connection between market data and the potential of your strategy to meet mid- and long-term goals.

User research

The better you know your customers, the more likely you are to earn their business, respect, and enduring loyalty.

Synergy Consulting Group helps you identify your core knowledge gaps, design surveys, and then act on the results. We have also helped clients look inward, developing assessments of staff and partner attitudes, behaviors, and expectations – all with the aim of improving processes, efficiency, and organizational culture.

Competitive analysis

To outmaneuver and beat the competition, you need to know who they are and how they operate.

We dissect the strategies, tactics, technology, people, portfolio, organizational strengths and weaknesses, and potential of your primary competitors. We use the analyses to suggest specific actions you and your organization can take to be more competitive and effective at meeting your primary objectives.

Featured research

Bridging the Digital Talent Gap 2019: A Global Survey of Workforce Readiness for the Digital Economy
A global survey of workforce digital talent readiness for the digital economy. The survey was conducted in the second half of 2018. It covers a very large sample of employees among large enterprises and government agencies. It assesses the availability and penetration of key skills required for digital transformation. The survey interviewed employees and senior management in 17 countries, across 4 regions, 6 corporate functions, and 4 industry sectors.

Saudi Arabia B2C Mobile Payments Usage Survey 2018

A survey or Saudi Arabia’s usage of mobile payment options, assessing digital and physical goods purchased online and via various mobile and digital payment options, as well as an assessment of interest in in-store mobile payment options, and preferred providers.

Eurasia CIS Telecom Market Assessment 2017
An assessment of the telecom markets in Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kirgizstan, an Tajikistan, including market demand and supply statistics, macroeconomic impact, technology trends, competitive positioning of operators, and regulatory environment.

Saudi Arabia B2B ICT Usage Survey 2016
A survey of 500 enterprises, including SMEs and large public and private sector enterprises, on their current telecom, IT services, cloud services, software and hardware, including operators and suppliers used, satisfaction levels, and future investment priorities.

Saudi Arabia Banking Sector Primer 2017
An assessment of the banking sector challenges, developments, and key actions in the era of digital of this vital sector in the country. The report includes a wide range of sector and subsector banking metrics and comparisons with global benchmarks.

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